Photo Gallery
Restoration Process
Walnut chest upon arrivalChest upon delivery
Damaged finish on top of chestDamaged finish on top of chest
Chest with finish removedChest with finish removed
Repairing drawer bottomRepairing drawer bottom
Repairing loose veneer on drawer frontRepairing loose veneer on drawer front
Gluing loose joinery on drawerGluing loose joinery on drawer
Gluing loose veneer on mirror frameGluing loose veneer on mirror frame
New interior runners on left next to worn runners on rightNew interior runners on left next to worn runners on right
Stained mirror frame part on rightStained mirror frame part on right
French polishing drawer pullsFrench polishing drawer pulls
French polishing drawer frontsFrench polishing drawer fronts
French polishing caseFrench polishing case
Finished set of drawersFinished set of drawers
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